Bereavement Counselling

Bereavement Counselling

Seeking Bereavement Counselling?

Take the first step in dealing with loss with bereavement counselling

In the time following a death, we are faced with a multitude of overwhelming feelings and emotions that are not easily understood by ourselves and those around us. We can be faced with shock, emptiness, anger, helplessness, guilt, jealousy, resentment, desire, fear and regret.
Other losses throughout our lives can leave us feeling as if we have suffered a bereavement as we experience many of the same overwhelming feelings and emotions. This can be very difficult to explain to those around us as they may not be able to understand the staggering impact that such losses can have.
Bereavement and losses can leave us questioning ourselves and can leave our sense of self in tatters. Counselling can help with finding strength, recovering a sense of self, and one’s place in the world. It helps one to carry this new strength forward to face our fears for the future and to begin to expand one’s life again. It can also help with normalising extreme feelings and may help to give a deeper understanding of the human condition and how we can be affected by loss.

First Step Counselling Leixlip can help with:
Managing grief
Reactions of others to your grief
Managing loss of companionship, physical closeness, nurturing and encouragement.
Loneliness and isolation
Loss of identity/sense of self
Dealing with the death of a young person
Feeling left behind

Loss of:
A job
A project
Financial status
A dream
Failure of exams/interview

Relationship break-up
Trial separation
Parental break-up

Physical consequences of trauma
Survivors’ guilt
Rebuilding trust

Children leaving home/emigrating
Facing retirement
Dealing with terminal illness
Unexpected death of a loved one
Friends family emigrating

Rebuilding when your parenting role is finished
Rebuilding self-esteem after a job loss
Reframing the future after a loss
Managing feelings of guilt
Setting future goals without guilt