Anxiety Counselling

Anxiety Counselling

Coping with Anxiety

How we can help with Anxiety

First Step Counselling Leixlip can help. Anxiety is a very primal experience that is felt by all as it is a hard-wired method of survival in humans – it is essentially the fight or flight response. It is useful for energizing us and warning us of the presence of danger.
Anxiety is not useful however when it paralyses us in our everyday lives when danger is not present. We tend to become anxious about the things that are most important to us but when we become overwhelmed, anxiety can be triggered by the least thing. Sometimes it can result in a panic attack.
Anxiety is very useful when it is used well. The goal of therapy is not to learn to live with high states of anxiety nor to learn to become immune to it but instead to learn to use it to maximize our lives by using appropriate levels of anxiety as a source of energy to achieve our goals.

First Step Counselling Leixlip can help with:
Health anxiety
Social phobia
Panic attacks
Obsessive compulsive behaviour
Negative thoughts
Obsessive thoughts

We Can Help
When problems arise in life it can be difficult to see a solution. It can be even more challenging when we try to solve them alone. First step counselling provides a safe place for you to discuss any issues you may be facing in your life. We provide the support needed to identify solutions and to help you to make the necessary changes or decisions. Sometimes we just need someone to listen.

First Step Counselling provides a safe and relaxing environment to talk and confidentiality is assured. We work in accordance with the code of the ethics from the Irish Association of Counselling & Psychotherapy (IACP). We maintain the highest ethical and legal standards of confidentiality in accordance with the IACP.